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classFuncsAdd/remove CSS class
colourInputCreate a colour input control (DEPRECATED)
colourPickerColour picker gadget (DEPRECATED)
delayExecute R code after a specified number of milliseconds has...
disabledInitialize a Shiny input as disabled
extendShinyjsExtend shinyjs by calling your own JavaScript functions
hiddenInitialize a Shiny tag as hidden
htmlChange the HTML (or text) inside an element
inlineCSSAdd inline CSS
jsCall user-defined JavaScript functions from R
messageFuncsShow a message
oneventRun R code when an event is triggered on an element
resetReset input elements to their original values
runcodeConstruct to let you run arbitrary R code live in a Shiny app
runExampleRun shinyjs examples
runjsRun JavaScript code
showLogPrint any JavaScript console.log messages in the R console
stateFuncsEnable/disable an input element
updateColourInputChange the value of a colour input
useShinyjsSet up a Shiny app to use shinyjs
visibilityFuncsDisplay/hide an element
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