Man pages for echasnovski/comperes
Manage Competition Results

comperes-packagecomperes: Manage Competition Results
convert-pair-valueConvert between long pair-value data and matrix
get_matchupsGet matchups from competition results
h2h_funsCommon Head-to-Head functions
h2h_longCompute long format of Head-to-Head values
h2h_matCompute matrix format of Head-to-Head values
hp_surveyResults of Harry Potter Books Survey
item-summaryCompute item summary
item-summary-joinJoin item summary
levels2Levels of vector
longcrLong format of competition results
ncaa2005Example competition results from 2005 NCAA football season
num_winsCompute number of wins
pairgamesCompetition results with games between two players
pipePipe operator
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
summary_funsCommon item summary functions
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
widecrWide format of competition results
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