Man pages for ecology-rocks/MakeMyForests
SORTIE-ND Preparation From Forest Inventory Data

bootMeanbootmean function
bootSdbootsd function
doFxBySortCall a MakeMyForests Function On Subsetted Data
FullTreesCAFullTreesCA Dataset
getBootgetBoot function
getC1Get the Crown Radius to Tree Diameter Ratio (m/cm) This...
getCoefficientsCalculating GLM Coefficients
getH3Calculates the slope of asymptotic height (H3) for trees.
getStateDataDownload state tree databases from the FIA Data Mart
MakeMyForestsMakeMyForests: A package for parameterizing SORTIE-ND from...
predictYfromLinPredict a New Y Value from a Linear Regression
prepLightDataTrimming a Data Frame to Entries with Light and Age...
pullSpeciesCodesGet Species Codes From A Reference Table
pullTreesGet Individual Tree Records From A Reference FIA datafile
putCharPut Value in Expanded Dataframe According to Search Criteria
readCSVsRead CSV files from a directory
RefSpeciesRefSpecies Data
seCalculate Standard Error From A Vector
TreesCATreesCA Dataset
unitConvertConvert To And From Standard And Metric Measurements
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