Man pages for ecology-rocks/grammaR
Context Free Grammar Story Building Helper in R

bracketXtractExtract Text Between Any Brackets
buildDictionaryBuild Dictionary From Text Or File
buildEntryBuild Entry From Key And Values
cleanDocsThis Function Cleans NA From Files Before Compiling
combineFilesCombine All Files In A List
createStoryCompile A File With Perl and Ocaml, Converting To .Tex
echoDictionaryEntryPrint All Dictionary Entries Associated With a Particular...
extractKeyExtract A Key From The Dictionary
extractValueExtract A Set Of Values From The Dictionary
generateCharactersGenerate Character Names By Gender
getAuthorTitlesExtract Authors and Titles From LaTeX document
getUniquesTrim Data.Frame To Unique Values Only
grammaRPackage "grammaR": Recursively generated text and story...
helloHello, World!
makeCommandsCoversGenerate Covers With ImageMagick
makeCoverNameMake Lowercase And Dashed Image File Name
makeGrammarFromStoryMake a basic grammar for your story from a plain text file.
makeNewDictionaryInteractive: Make A New Dictionary
makePandocCommandMaking Pandoc Execs
parseGrammarParse a grammar based on recursion
readGrammarNew Grammar Parser
removeDictionaryEntryRemove An Entry From A Dictionary Data.Frame
spinStoryBuild A Recursive Story From Normal Text
writeDictionaryWrite Dictionary From Data.Frame To File
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