Man pages for ecoquants/nrelutils
Utility functions for NREL in R

gmap_terGgplot map of territory's ocean use count
helloHello, World!
lmap_terLeaflet map of territory's ocean use count
nrel_limitsLimits used for NREL ocean uses analysis.
ply_mapQuick map of polygon layers
ply_to_tifsPolygons (ply) to raster(s) on filesystem (tif)
raster_clipClip raster with crop & mask
raster_unwrapUnwrap raster [0,360] to [-180,180]
raster_wrapWrap raster from [-180,180] to [0,360]
r_mapPlot raster bisected around antimeridian [0,360] to...
sf_intersectionWrap and intersect
sf_intersectsReturn intersecting geometries
sf_unwrapUnwrap sf geometry [0,360] to [-180,180]
sf_wrapWrap sf geometry [-180,180] to [0,360]
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