Man pages for ecor/rasterList
A Raster Where Cells are Generic Objects

as.list-methodsCoercion of a LinkToList-class object to a generic list...
crop'Crop' methods for a 'RasterList-class' object.
cropyearsCrop a monthly or daily or sub-daily time series to a series...
extract-methodsExtract parts of 'LinkToList-class'
is.RasterListIs a 'RasterList-class' object ?
is.RasterListAbleCan it be coerced to a 'RasterList-class' object ?
linkToListCreates a 'LinkToList-class' object
LinkToList-classS4 declaration for 'LinkToList-class' S4 class object
list-classS4 declaration for 'list' S4 class object
mapplyLinkToListUse of mapply functions with LinkToList-class objects
ncell-RasterList-methodNumber of cells in a 'RasterList-class' object
raster'Raster' methods for a 'RasterList-class' object.
rasterListCreates a 'RasterList-class' object
RasterListApplyA function for operations among 'RasterList-class' objects.
rasterListFunExecution of the elements of a 'RasterList'
RasterList-PackageRasterList: A package for Rasters Where Cells are Generic...
replace-methodsReplace parts of 'LinkToList-class'
showPrint or Show S4 method for a 'LinkToList-class' object
stackCreates a 'RasterStack-class' object from a...
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