Man pages for ecpolley/SuperLearner_Old
Super Learner Prediction

CVFoldsGenerate list of row numbers for each fold in the...
CV.SuperLearnercomputes V-fold cross validation of the Super Learner
CV.SuperLearner.hazardComputes the V-fold cross-validated hazard estimation using...
incidence.sampleGenerates incidence sample for discrete survival data
latex.summary.CV.SuperLearnerlatex method for summary.CV.SuperLearner
listWrapperslist all wrapper functions in SuperLearner
predict.superlearnerPredict method for SuperLearner object
print.SuperLearnerprint a SuperLearner object
screen.templateTemplate file for creating new screening functions in the...
SL.templateTemplate file for creating new prediction functions to be...
summary.CV.SuperLearnerSummary Function for Cross-Validated Super Learner
SuperLearnerSuper Learner Prediction Function
SuperLearner.hazardHazard estimation using binary Super Learner
SuperLearnerNewsShow the NEWS file
SuperLearner-packageSuper Learner prediction function and library.
trimLogittruncated-probabilities logit transformation
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