Man pages for edalmoro/ChainLadderQuantileV1
Statistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance

ABCRun off triangle of accumulated claims data
as.LongTriangleConvert Triangle from wide to long
ataCalculate Age-to-Age Factors
autoRun off triangle of accumulated claim data
BootChainLadderBootstrap-Chain-Ladder Model
CDROne year claims development result
chainladderEstimate age-to-age factors
ChainLadder-packageMethods and Models for Claims Reserving
ClarkCapeCodClark Cape Cod method
ClarkLDFClark LDF method
CLFMdeltaFind "selection consistent" values of delta
coef.ChainLadderExtract residuals of a ChainLadder model
GenInsRun off triangle of claims data.
getLatestCumulativeTriangle information for most recent calendar period.
glmReserveGLM-based Reserving Model
Join2FitsJoin Two Fitted MultiChainLadder Models
JoinFitMseJoin Model Fit and Mse Estimation
liabRun off triangle of accumulated claim data
LRfunctionCalculate the Link Ratio Function
M3IR5Run off triangle of claims data
MackChainLadderMack-Chain-Ladder Model
MCLpaidRun off triangles of accumulated paid and incurred claims...
MortgageRun off triangle of accumulated claims data
Mse-methodsMethods for Generic Function Mse
MultiChainLadderMultivariate Chain Ladder Models
MultiChainLadder-classClass "MultiChainLadder" of Multivariate Chain Ladder Results
MultiChainLadderFit-classClass "MultiChainLadderFit", "MCLFit" and "GMCLFit"
MultiChainLadderMse-classClass "MultiChainLadderMse"
MultiChainLadderSummary-classClass "MultiChainLadderSummary"
MunichChainLadderMunich-chain-ladder Model
MW2008Run-off claims triangle
MW2014Run-off claims triangle
NullNum-classClass "NullNum", "NullChar" and "NullList"
plot.BootChainLadderPlot method for a BootChainLadder object
plot.clarkPlot Clark method residuals
plot.MackChainLadderPlot method for a MackChainLadder object
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot
plot.MunichChainLadderPlot method for a MunichChainLadder object
predict.TriangleModelPrediction of a claims triangle
print.ataPrint Age-to-Age factors
print.clarkPrint results of Clark methods
qpaidQuarterly run off triangle of accumulated claims data
RAARun off triangle of accumulated claims data
residCov-methodsGeneric function for residCov and residCor
residuals.MackChainLadderExtract residuals of a MackChainLadder model
summary.ataSummary method for object of class 'ata'
summary.BootChainLadderMethods for BootChainLadder objects
summary.clarkSummary methods for Clark objects
summary.MackChainLadderSummary and print function for Mack-chain-ladder
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary
summary.MunichChainLadderSummary and print function for Munich-chain-ladder
Table65Functions to Reproduce Clark's Tables
TrianglesGeneric functions for triangles
triangles-classS4 Class "triangles"
tweedieMethodsReserve Risk Capital Report
tweedieReserveTweedie Stochastic Reserving Model
UKMotorUK motor claims triangle
USAAExample paid and incurred triangle data from CAS web site.
utilityfunctionsCumulative and incremental triangles
vcov.clarkCovariance Matrix of Parameter Estimates - Clark's methods
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