Man pages for eddelbuettel/mvabund-tests
Statistical Methods for Analysing Multivariate Abundance Data

anova.manyanyAnalysis of Deviance for Many Univariate Models Fitted to...
anova.manyglmAnalysis of Deviance for Multivariate Generalized Linear...
anova.manylmANOVA for Linear Model Fits for Multivariate Abundance Data
anova.traitglmTesting for a environment-by-trait (fourth corner)...
antTraitsAnt data, with species traits
best.r.sqUse R^2 to find the variables that best explain a...
boxplot.mvabundBoxplots for multivariate abundance Data
cv.glm1pathFits a path of Generalised Linear Models with LASSO (or L1)...
deviance.manylmModel Deviance
extend.x.formulaExtend a Formula to all of it's Terms
formulaUnimvaCreate a List of Univariate Formulas
glm1Fits a Generalised Linear Models with a LASSO (or L1)...
glm1pathFits a path of Generalised Linear Models with LASSO (or L1)...
logLik.manylmCalculate the Log Likelihood
manyanyFitting Many Univariate Models to Multivariate Abundance Data
manyglmFitting Generalized Linear Models for Multivariate Abundance...
manylmFitting Linear Models for Multivariate Abundance Data
manylm.fitworkhose functions for fitting multivariate linear models
meanvar.plotConstruct Mean-Variance plots for Multivariate Abundance Data
mvabundMultivariate Abundance Data Objects
mvabund-internalInternal mvabund Objects
mvabund-packageStatistical methods for analysing multivariate abundance data
mvformulaModel Formulae for Multivariate Abundance Data
plot.manyanyPlot Diagnostics for a manyany or glm1path Object
plot.manylmPlot Diagnostics for a manylm or a manyglm Object
plot.mvabundPlot Multivariate Abundance Data and Formulae
plotMvaFactorDraw a Mvabund Object split into groups.
predict.manyglmPredict Method for MANYGLM Fits
predict.manylmModel Predictions for Multivariate Linear Models
predict.traitglmPredictions from fourth corner model fits
residuals.manyglmResiduals for MANYGLM, MANYANY, GLM1PATH Fits
ridgeParamEstEstimation of the ridge parameter
shiftpointsCalculate a shift for plotting overlapping points
solbergSolberg Data
spiderSpider data
summary.manyglmSummarizing Multivariate Generalized Linear Model Fits for...
summary.manylmSummarizing Linear Model Fits for Multivariate Abundance Data
TasmaniaTasmania Dataset
tikusTikus Island Dataset
traitglmFits a fourth corner model for abundance as a function of...
unabundRemove the mvabund Class Attribute
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