Man pages for edlinguerra/SSP
Simulated Sampling Procedure for Community Ecology

assemparEstimation of Ecological Parameters of the Assemblage
datqualityDiversity Metrics of Simulated and Original Data
epibiontsEpibionts on Caribbean mangrove roots
ioptimumIdentification of the Optimal Sampling Effort
micromolluskMicromollusks of marine shallow sandy bottoms around Cayo...
plot_sspSSP plot
sampsdSampling Simulated Data and Estimates Multivariate Standard...
simdataSimulation of Data Sets
spongesSponges in Alacranes Reef National Park (ARNP), Gulf of...
SSP-packageSSP: Simulated Sampling Procedure for Community Ecology
summary_sspSummary of MultSE for Each Sampling Effort in Simulated Data...
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