Man pages for edzer/hexbin
Hexagonal Binning Routines

colrampColor Ramps on Perceptually Linear Scales
erode.hexbinErosion of a Hexagon Count Image
getHMedianGet coordiantes of the median cell after the erode operation
gplot.hexbinPlotting Hexagon Cells with a Legend
grid.hexagonsAdd Hexagon Cells to Plot
grid.hexlegendAdd a Legend to a Hexbin Plot
hboxplot2-D Generalization of Boxplot
hcell2xyCompute X and Y Coordinates for Hexagon Cells
hcell2xyIntChange cell ids to 2d integer coordinate system
hdiffplotPlot of Domain and Median Differences of Two "hexbin" Objects
hexbinBivariate Binning into Hexagon Cells
hexbinplotTrellis Hexbin Displays
hexGraphPaperCreate a Hexgon Grid
hexListConditional Bivariate Binning into Hexagon Cells
hexMA.loessAdd Loess Fit to Hexplot
hexplomHexbin Plot Matrices
hexpolygonHexagon Coordinates and Polygon Drawing
hexTapplyApply function to data from each hexagon bin.
hexViewportCompute a Grid Viewport for Hexagon / Hexbin Graphics
hexVP.ablineAdd a Straight Line to a HexPlot
hexVP-classFormal class "hexVP" of a Hexagon Viewport
hsmooth-methodsHexagon Bin Smoothing: Generic hsmooth() and Methods
inout.hexCheck points for inclusion
list2hexListConvert list to hexList
NHANESNHANES Data : National Health and Nutrition Examination...
old-classesClass "unit" and "viewport" as S4 classes
optShapeOptimal Shape Parameter for Hexbin Viewport
panel.hexboxplotBoxplot for hexbin lattice plot
panel.hexgridHexagonal grid for a lattice plot
panel.hexloessLoess line for hexbin lattice plot
plotMAhexMA-plot using hexagon bins
pushHexportPush a Hexagon Viewport ("hexVP")
smooth.hexbinHexagon Bin Smoothing
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