Man pages for eestileib/ComplexPoly
A Collection of Functions to Implement a Class for Univariate Polynomial Manipulations

as.function.polynomialCoerce a Polynomial to a Function
change.originChange Origin for a Polynomial
deriv.polynomialDifferentiate a Polynomial
gcdGCD and LCM for Polynomials
integral.polynomialIntegrate a Polynomial
lines.polynomialLines Method for Polynomials
Math.polynomialMath Group Methods for Polynomials
monicMonic Polynomials
Ops.polynomialArithmetic Ops Group Methods for Polynomials
plot.polynomialPlot Method for Polynomials
points.polynomialPoints Method for Polynomials
poly.calcCalculate Polynomials from Zeros or Values
polylistLists of Polynomials
poly.orthConstruct Orthogonal Polynomials
predict.polynomialEvaluate a Polynomial
solve.polynomialZeros of a Polynomial
summary.polynomialSummary of a Polynomial
zSummary.polynomialSummary Group Methods for Polynomials
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