Man pages for egonw/rwikipathways
rWikiPathways - R client library for the WikiPathways API

downloadPathwayArchiveDownload Pathway Archive
findPathwayIdsByLiteratureFind Pathway WPIDs By Literature
findPathwayIdsByTextFind Pathway WPIDs By Text
findPathwayIdsByXrefFind Pathway WPIDs By Xref
findPathwayNamesByLiteratureFind Pathway Names By Literature
findPathwayNamesByTextFind Pathway Names By Text
findPathwayNamesByXrefFind Pathway Names By Xref
findPathwaysByLiteratureFind Pathways By Literature
findPathwaysByTextFind Pathways By Text
findPathwaysByXrefFind Pathways By Xref
findPathwayUrlsByLiteratureFind Pathway URLs By Literature
findPathwayUrlsByTextFind Pathway URLs By Text
findPathwayUrlsByXrefFind Pathway URLs By Xref
getColoredPathwayDeprecated: Get Colored Pathway
getCurationTagNamesGet Curation Tag Names on a Pathway
getCurationTagsGet Curation Tags on a Pathway
getEveryCurationTagGet Every Instance of a Curation Tag
getOntologyTermIdsGet Ontology Term IDs by Pathway
getOntologyTermNamesGet Ontology Term Names by Pathway
getOntologyTermsGet Ontology Terms by Pathway
getPathwayGet Pathway
getPathwayHistoryGet Pathway History
getPathwayIdsByCurationTagGet Pathway WPIDs by Curation Tag
getPathwayIdsByOntologyTermGet Pathway WPIDs by Ontology Term
getPathwayIdsByParentOntologyTermGet Pathway WPIDs by Parent Ontology Term
getPathwayInfoGet Pathway Info
getPathwaysByCurationTagGet Pathways by Curation Tag
getPathwaysByOntologyTermGet Pathways by Ontology Term
getPathwaysByParentOntologyTermGet Pathways by Parent Ontology Term
getRecentChangesGet Recent Changes
getRecentChangesIdsGet WPIDs of Recent Changes
getRecentChangesNamesGet Pathway Names of Recent Changes
getXrefListGet Xref List
listOrganismsList Organisms
listPathwayIdsList Pathway WPIDs
listPathwayNamesList Pathway Names
listPathwaysList Pathways
listPathwayUrlsList Pathway URLs
wikipathwaysAPIOpen Swagger docs for WikiPathways API
wikipathwaysGETWikiPathways GET
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