Man pages for eheisman/dssrip
DSS R Interface Project

AF_PER_CFS_DAYHydrologic constants
dss_path_functionsFunctions for searching pathnames in a DSS file
fixTimestampsAdjusts timestamps back by one day.
getColumnsByNamegetColumnsByName Get a column from a PairedDataContainer...
getDTgetDT Get a TSC from a file and pathname as a data.table
getFullDTgetFullDT Get a full TSC as data.table, ignoring date...
getFullTSCgetFullTSC Get a full TSC, ignoring date parameters.
getLooseTSCgetFullTSC Get a full TSC, ignoring date parameters.
getMetadatagetMetadata get metadata from a tsc java object
getTSCgetTSC Get a TSC from a file and pathname as a XTS.
hydro_axis_transHydrologic axis transforms for ggplot2
hydrologic_date_functionsHydrologic date helper functions
initialize.dssripDSS-Rip Initalization Options
model_error_measurementModel error measurement metrics
nash.sutcliffeNash-Sutcliffe model coefficient function
opendssOpen a DSS file.
rmseRMSE function Converts Java TimeSeriesContainer objects to... Converts Java TimeSeriesContainer objects into XTS...
weibullProbsCompute Weibull plotting positions for flow frequency curves Converts xts objects to Java TimeSeriesContainer...
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