Man pages for eilslabs/EnrichedHeatmap
Making Enriched Heatmaps

add.AdditiveUnitAdd heatmaps or row annotations to a heatmap list
anno_enrichedAnnotation function to show the enrichment
copyAttrCopy attributes to another object
default_smooth_funDefault smoothing function
dist_by_closenessDistance by closeness
draw-dispatchMethod dispatch page for draw
draw-EnrichedHeatmapList-methodDraw a list of heatmaps
draw-EnrichedHeatmap-methodDraw a single heatmap
EnrichedHeatmapConstructor method for EnrichedHeatmap class
EnrichedHeatmap-classClass for a single heatmap
EnrichedHeatmapListConstructor method for EnrichedHeatmapList class
EnrichedHeatmapList-classClass for a list of heatmaps
enriched_scoreEnriched scores
extract_anno_enrichedExtarct enrichment annotation graphic as a separate plot
Extract.normalizedMatrixSubset normalized matrix by rows
getSignalsFromListGet signals from a list
makeWindowsSplit regions into windows
normalizeToMatrixNormalize associations between genomic signals and target...
print.normalizedMatrixPrint normalized matrix
show-dispatchMethod dispatch page for show
show-EnrichedHeatmapList-methodDraw a list of heatmaps with default parameters
show-EnrichedHeatmap-methodDraw the single heatmap with default parameters
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