Man pages for einarhjorleifsson/fjolst2

add.hoparAdd prey information to a dataframe
afli.per.stodcatch per station
allir.hoparList of prey
apply.shrinkApply a function to a vector for a combination of categories.
apply.shrink.dataframeApply functions to columns in a dataframe
faeduhoparList of all food items in the faeda database
fill.matrixRelace elements of a matrix
fjoldi.a.fstodvumCalculate number in each lengthgroup at some stations. (out...
fjoldi.i.flokkumCalculate number of fish behind (not in) each food sample.
fjperstodCalculate the number of a species at the list of stations.
flokkar.colSelected columns from the table f_flokkar.
hopar.colNames of columns in faeda.f_hopar
joinThe function join (also in the geo library). SImilar to...
kgpertogcalculate catch ber station
kvarnir.colSplus or R correspondence of "_...
kvarnir.col.oracleName of columns in the oracle tables fiskar.kvarnir.
lengdir.colSplus or R correspondence of "_...
lengdir.col.oracleName of columns in the oracle tables fiskar.lengdir
Lesa.allir.hoparRead all records from the table f_hopar corresponding to the...
lesa.f.lengdirRead all length measurement of selected prey in selected...
lesa.flokkarRead from the table faeda.f_flokkar or the dataframe...
lesa.hoparRead from the table faeda.f_hopar or the dataframe fhopar
lesa.kvarnirRead from the table fiskar.kvarnir or the dataframe all.kv.
lesa.leidr.stodvarRead from the table fiskar.leidr_stodvar or the dataframe...
lesa.lengdirRead from the table fiskar.lengdir or the dataframe all.le
lesa.numerRead fro the table fiskar.numer or the dataframe
lesa.stodvarRead from the table fiskar.stodvar or the dataframe stodvar.
na.meanInternal function
numer.colColumns in the dataframe
numer.col.oracleColumns in the table fiskar.numer in oracle.
old.stomach.breaksLengthgroup division in the bulked stomachs.
read.sqlRead a file from sql++ with columns seperated by |
reg.bcDefinition of the Bormicon regions.
run.sqlskipunInternal use. length measurements by number counted.
skipta.textaTranslate characters in column names
stodvar.colColumn name in stations frame.
stodvar.col.oracleColumn name in stations file in oracle.
stodvar.col.splusColumn names in fiskar.stodvar with "_" replaced by ".".
stodvar.stdSubset of columns in the stationfile.
stodvar.std.colSubset of columns in the stationfile.
stodvar.std.col.1Subset of culumns in stationsfile.
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