Man pages for ekernf01/branchmodel
Fit A 'Y' Shape to Data'

bipartite_closest_pairFind the closest pair of points, one in one class and the...
branchmodel-classReturn an empty branchmodel object.
find_contiguous_regionFind a contiguous subset of points.
fit_branchesOptimize individual branch models given branch assignments.
fit_branchmodelFit a "Y" shape to data
fit_branchmodel_internalInternal branchmodel function that performs fitting.
get_connected_componentFind a connected component of a directed graph.
get_issuesCheck whether a branchmodel object is valid.
get_simple_sq_distancesFor each point, fills in the distance to each line segment.
initialize_tipsSet up the initial guess for the branchmodel. Inspired by...
kknn_specClust_outlier_removalCalls 'kknn::specClust' with preprocessing to remove outliers...
plot_branchmodelPlot the data and the branchmodel object on a scatterplot...
princurve_truncateRemove the last few points from a principal curve.
reassign_pointsReassign each point to the nearest branch. Assign ambiguous...
relocate_centerUpdate the branch-point.
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