Man pages for elalemano/buzzwink
The package is a collection of custom functions I personally found useful for my work with R

countNAsFormat dates within data frame
createTooltipCreate tooltips
dateFormateFormat dates within data frame
deleteNaRowsDelelte rows with a lot of NAs
diffDaysDifference in days
duplicateCommaSeparatedRowsFor cells to be duplicated
entryQueryDbQuery data base with large lists
excelDateAdds an apostrophe to a column so it does not get...
getDbConnectionEstablish connection to Oracle data base
helloHello, World!
homogenizeHomogenize the column of a data frame in terms of formatting
outersectElements of two vectors that are not found in both
queryDbSmaller queries to data base
relativeRowAndColumnGet relative row and column indices
removeFromEndStringRemove last n characters from string
removeSpacesStringRemove spaces from string
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