Man pages for eliocamp/metR
Tools for Easier Analysis of Meteorological Fields

aaoGeopotential height
clarisSurface temperature
ConvertLongitudeConverts between longitude conventions
coriolisEffects of the Earth's rotation
DerivateDerivate a discrete variable using finite differences
DivideTimeseriesDivides long timeseries for better reading
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Function
geom_contour_fillFilled 2d contours of a 3d surface
geom_reliefRelief Shading
geom_text_contourLabel contours
GeostrophicWindCalculate geostrophic winds
GetDataGet Meteorological data
GetTopographyGet topographic data
guide_colourstripDiscretized continuous color guide
guide-methodsMethods for guides
IdealGasIdeal gas law
ImputeEOFImpute missing values
JumpBySkip observations
logicExtended logical operators
MagMagnitude of a vector
MakeBreaksMake breaks for contours
nceptemperatureAir temperature
QsWaveQuasi stationary waves
ReadNetCDFRead NetCDF files.
RepeatLonRepeat minimum longitude
reverselog_transReverse log transform
scale_divergentDivergent color scales
scale_longitudeHelpful scales for maps
seasonAssign seasons to months
stat_filterFilter values
stat_naFilter only NA values.
WaveFluxCalculate wave-activity flux
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