Man pages for eliotmiller/ecoPDcorr
Ecologically-informed phylodiversity metrics

abundanceGet or set species abundances
aedAbundance-weighted evolutionary distinctiveness
caterpillarCaterpillar plots
coerceExtract phylo4com phylogenies
communitiesList communities
ecoPD-packageEcologically-informed phylodiversity metrics in R
FamiliesPlant family lookup vector
generaExtract genus names
iacImbalance of Abundances at the Clade level
LookupTLFamily-based lookup table for minimum tip lengths
minTLGet or set minimum tip lengths
paePhylogenetic-Abundance Evenness
pairdistCalculate pairwise distances between nodes
pd_from_CadotteCalculate phylogenetic diversity
phylo4comCreate community phylogenies object
phylo4com-classphylo4com class
richnessCalculate richness for each community
shannonShannon diversity index
simpsonPhylogenetic Simpson's diversity index
siteBySpeciesGenerate site-by-species matrix
SupertreeReference plant phylogeny
tipLengthCalculate distance to tips from ancestors
weedsWeed phylogeny and community data
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