Man pages for ellessenne/rsimsum
Analysis of simulation studies including Monte Carlo error

dropbigReturn observations dropped by a function
dropbig.simsumReturn observations dropped by simsum
format.simsumFormat simsum objects
format.summary.simsumFormat summary.simsum objects
get_dataExtract data slot from objects
get_data.simsumExtract data from a simsum object
get_data.summary.simsumExtract data from a summary.simsum object
is.simsumReports whether x is a simsum object
MIsimExample of a simulation study
nsimCompute number of simulations required
print.dropbig.simsumPrint method for dropbig.simsum objects
print.simsumPrint method for simsum objects
print.summary.simsumPrint method for summary.simsum objects
simsumAnalyses of simulation studies including Monte Carlo error
summary.simsumSummarising simsum objects
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