This is an R package for use in Stats 20 at UCLA. It has two main functions: 1. It provides two templates for homework. 2. It contains interactive versions of the course notes written by Dr Michael Tsiang.


NOTE: Windows users will need to install R tools from: before installing the devtools package.



Before you can access the templates, you may need to "restart" R. You can do this from the top menu bar with Session > Retart R, or with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+F10 (PC/Linux) or Cmd+Shift+F10 (OSX). NOTE: If you are on a laptop or using a keyboard without a dedicated row of function keys above the number keys (typically you may have combined function and media keys, volume up, down, mute, etc.) you'll often have a fn key located somewhere (often in the lower left corner of the keyboard). You'll need to press this key in conjunction with the above key combination.

Homework Templates

Current v1.1.1+

The best practice is to create a homework project template. You can access this via the menu with,

File > New Project > New Directory > UCLA Stats 20 Homework

This will open a dialog box with the following parameters: Directory name: This should be something like hw1 or Homework 13. Whatever the last number is in the textbox will be identified as the homework number. Subdirectory path, this should be self explanatory. I recommend making a stats20 directory in the home directory of their system (~ on Mac and Linux, Documents on PC) and placing all of their homeworks there. Template type: Either basic or advanced. This will append {.tabset .tabset-fade .tabset-pills} to all Question level headings causing the question parts to appear as tabs. Include Bibliography: Should a bibliography file be included (and generated if none is provided). Include Boilerplate: Should some boilerplate code be generated or not? Include question prompts: Should the homework question prompts be included in the homework template? Name: This should be your full name. UID: This should be your university ID. Bibliography file: You may select a custom bibliography file from your system. This will copy the file selected into your project directory and update the YAML header accordingly. Save as defaults: This will save your name, uid and bibliography file as defaults so you don't need to re-enter them each time.

When the project is created the following occurs: The working directory is updated to your project directory. A file of the form: 123456789_stats20_hwX.Rmd is generated. If you are including a bibliography, a .bib file will be created in the working directory. data and images directories are created. If you are doing a homework for which there is an existing skeleton, * Your boilerplate will come from that specific homework .Rmd file. * Otherwise a generic boilerplate will be created. If there are files in data or images they will be downloading into the respective subdirectories in you working directory. * If there are any issues in generating the homework project a file will be created in their working directory named: PLEASE READ - Project Creation Notes. Things which will cause this file to be created include: * Making a HW project for which there does not exist an online template. * Making a project which would cause the template .Rmd file to be overwritten (a new file with an appended index number is created instead). * Trying to use a .bib file which cannot be found on their computer.


Individual template files can be created by:

File > New File > R Markdown > From Template > Basic Homework Template Name your file something meaningful e.g. 123456789_stats20_hw1 where 123456789 is replaced with your University ID.

This will create a new directory named 123456789_stats20_hw1 containing the required files. You should then, immediately, do: File > New Project > Existing Directory and select the newly created directory, e.g. 123456789_stats20_hw1.

Course Notes

After loading the library, type notes(#) where the # is replaced with the number corresponding to the chapter number you want to see. Current chapters are 1-11.

This will launch a local shiny app with the course notes and interactive R code environments.

Copyright Notice

The contents of the course notes are the copyright of Dr Michael Tsiang.

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