Man pages for elo2zero/oddsandsods
Miscellanous functions

addMonthsAdd months to date
adjustSumAdjust sum( integer(x) ) = sum(y)
applyDnumAdding fractions of higher aggregation
chooseColumnReturns column names of specified class
customQueryCustom SQL Query on existing connection
cut2Another version of cut()
dropMatchingDroping/subseting matching values from vectors
elapsedMonthsMonth difference between two dates
firstWeekDayGet first weekday
fragmentRangeSelect equally spaced dates from giving range and length
lastMonthDayGet last day of the month
lastWeekDayGet last weekday
moving_meanMoving Mean
moving_sdMoving sd
notHavingNANames of columns which doesn't have NA
prettyNamesChanges names to more attractive format
quotedPut vector elements in quotes/bracelets or other specified
searchWithinSelect or count ID's which range span over given value
smartColourSmart Colour
smartCutSmart cut
sparseRangeSelect optimal dates set from giving range
spreadAmountReturns column names of specified class
sqlConnectConnect to Postgresql database
sqlInsertBulk insert
SQLInsertSplitBulk insert
sqlUpdateCustom SQL Query on existing connection
whichIdenticalShows dupicated rows by selected MR columns
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