Man pages for elong0527/evacure
Evaluate Prognostic accuracy for mixture cure models

auc.cureAUC for mixture cure models
cindexC index for mixture cure models
cutSenspeSensitivity and specificity for a cut point
eva_cureEvaluate Mixture cure model fitted by smcure
eva_smcureEvaluate Mixture cure model fitted by smcure
G_estEstimate the kernel function G
k.indK-index estimation
k.ind.estK-index estimation (aft model)
logitLogit transformation
logit.invInverse logit transformation
printsmcure1Print smcure object with evaluation information
sen.spe.cureSensitivity and Specificity for mixture cure models
smcure1Semiparametric mixture cure model
w.curePosterior of uncure probabilty
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