Man pages for emartchenko/mvsimstudy
Multivariate Correlated Data Simulation Tools

check_effectsCheck effect size vector
combine_matricesCombines multiple smaller matrices along the diagonal.
create_cor_matrixCreate Custom Correlation Matrix
effect_sizeeffect_size object constructor
effect_size-classAn S4 class to represent the effect size the user specifies...
generate_dataGenerate data
generate_submatrixGenerates submatrix with a given correlation structure.
mvsimstudymvsimstudy: A package for simulating the analysis of...
set.alphaSet alpha for simulation.
simulate_scenariosSimulate multiple scenarios
single_scenario_simulationSimulate single scenario
summarize_overall_powerSummarize overall power
test_single_scenario_simulationFor run-time testing
tidy_glm_mvFit all genes to a general linear model
tidy_glmnetLasso analysis
tidy_glm_singleA 'one feature at a time' analysis
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