Man pages for emilbp/gRaphene
Tools For Analysis Of Raman Data

gRaphenegRaphene - tools for importing and working with Raman data on...
gr_cf_fit_addAdd peaks to a spectrum data frame
gr_cf_fit_plotPlot fitted spectrum with peaks
gr_cf_nestReturn a nested tibble contaning all curve fits
gr_cf_plotPlot graphene curve fit
gr_cf_plot_allPlot all curve fit maps at once
gr_cf_readLoad results of graphene curve fit
gr_cf_summaryCreate summary of a graphene curve fit data frame
gr_cf_summary_saveSaves summary statistics for graphene curve fit
gr_fit_lineReturn Lorentzian or Gaussian fit
gr_gaussianGaussian curve
gr_lorentzianLorentzian curve
gr_map_avgCalculate average raman spectrum from a full map
gr_map_readLoad complete spectrum map from exported txt file
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