Man pages for emilopezcano/SixSigma
Six Sigma Tools for Quality Control and Improvement

climProfilesCompute profiles limits
outProfilesGet out-of-control profiles
plotControlProfilesProfiles control plot
plotProfilesPlot Profiles
SixSigmaSix Sigma Tools for Quality and Process Improvement
smoothProfilesRegularise set of profiles calculations regarding The Voice of the Process in... Indices
ss.ccControl Charts to find out constants of the relative range...
ss.ceDiagCause and Effect Diagram
ss.ciConfidence Interval for the mean for the batteries example in bills data set for the bolts example for a filling process in a winery density dough example data for the pizza dough example (robust design) data Boards Example - Individual Data Boards Example - by Groups Boards Example - Attribute data for Practicle Boards Example - number of defects set for the printer cartridge example data set for the printer cartridges example set for the printer cartridge example, by region R&R data set for the Guitar Strings example Plates Thickness Plates thickness (extended) location for profiles profiles
ss.heliCreates a pdf file with the design of the Paper Helicopter
ss.lfEvaluates the Loss Function for a process.
ss.lfaLoss Function Analysis
ss.pMapProcess Map
ss.rrGage R & R (Measurement System Assessment) and figures for a Capability Study
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