Man pages for emilopezcano/optimr
Optimization Framework.

addItem-setGeneric method for adding items
addParAdd real parameters to the instance
addPar-setGeneric method for adding real parameters
addSet-setGeneric method for adding implemented sets
assignEqAssign equations
assignEq-setGeneric method for assigning equations
dsFieldsLists of fields for each data.frame in the smsOptim object
exportParsExport instance parameters
getAliasesGet model aliases
getConstsGet constants in the model, such as scalars
getEntityDomainGet the expression of the domain for an entity
getEqGet the expression of an equation
getEqsGet formatted equations
getExprGet the expression of an entity
getInstanceGet instance
get-methodsGet SMS sets
getModelGet the whole model of an SMS
getMultiSetsGet multidimensional sets
getnnConstGet the non-negativity constraint for a variable
getParentGet the father of an equation term
getParsGet the parameters of a model in a given format
getPrimeSupersetGet the symbol of the superset when the symbol is aux (prime)
getPrimeSymbolGet expressions with primes
getSetsGet the sets of a model
getSolutionGet solution
getSubsetsGet the subsets of a model
getSymbolGet the symbol of an item
getTreeGet scenario tree of stochastic model
getVarsGet variables of a model
hasBrothersFind out if an equation term has child terms
hasChildFind out if an equation term has child terms
implemFormatsImplemented formats
importGamsImport solution
importGams-setGeneric method for importing solution
importParAdd real parameters to the instance
initializeInitializes an optimInstance class object
initialize-methodInitializes an optimSMS class object
is.mdsetCheck if a set is a multidimensional set
isRootCheck if a term is in the side root
is.subsetCheck if a set is a subet
newInstanceInstance creation
newSMSSymbolic Model Specification (SMS) creation
optimInstanceoptimInstance Class
optimr-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
optimSMSoptimSMS Class
printAlignEqPrint equations
replace-methodsAdd item to smsOptim object
showShows the optimSMS object
symTransDataframe containing translations for the different formats
wProblemGeneric method for writing the file for the solver or...
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