Man pages for emlaet/wwmetrics
Data for International Business, Economics and Management

big5_aptPersonality profiles of cultures: Aggregate personality...
big5_ssPersonality profiles of cultures: Aggregate personality...
CofaceCoface data on country risk and business climate
CultDistCultural distance
EconDistEconomic distance
EIAEconomic Integration Agreements (EIA)
FDIForeign Direct Investment (FDI)
FH_Civil_LibertiesCivil liberties (Freedom House)
FH_Political_RightsPolitical rights (Freedom House)
GDPGDP (Gross Domestic Product)
GeoDistGeographic distances
HofstedeHofstede's cultural dimensions scores
Major_Languages_by_CountryMajor languages by country
PsychicDistance_HakansonAmbos2010Psychic distance (Hakanson & Ambos, 2010)
PsychicDistanceStimuliPsychic distance stimuli (Dow & Karunaratna, 2006)
SchwartzThe 7 Schwartz cultural value orientation scores for 75...
TheGoodCountryThe Good Country Index
WGIWorldwide Governance Indicators
Within_Country_DiversityMeasures of Within-Country Diversity (Religion and Language).
WorldHappinessReportThe World Happiness Report
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