Man pages for enricoschumann/PMwR
Portfolio Management with R

adjust-seriesAdjust Time Series for Dividends and Splits
btestBacktesting Investment Strategies
DAXDeutscher Aktienindex (DAX)
instrumentRetrieve or Change Instrument
is_valid_ISINValidate International Securities Identification Numbers...
NAVseriesNet-Asset-Value (NAV) Series
plProfit and Loss
plot_trading_hoursPlot Time Series During Trading Hours
PMwR-internalInternal (non-exported) functions in the PMwR package
PMwR-packageTools for the Management of Financial Portfolios
positionAggregate Transactions to Position
pricetablePrice Table
quote32Treasury Quotes with 1/32nds of Point
rcReturn Contribution
rebalanceRebalance Portfolio
returnsCompute Returns
scale1Scale Time Series
toHTMLImport from package 'textutils'
trade-analysisAnalysing Trades: Compute Profit/Loss, Resize and more
unit_pricesCompute Prices for Portfolio Based on Units
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