Man pages for envima/envimaR
Utility functions to configure standard project environments in labs

addGitFoldersExtent folder list by git repository
alternativeEnviDefine basic or alternative environment depending on actual...
createEnviSetup project folder structure
createFoldersCompile folder list and create folders
createMetaCreate list of metadata from project environment.
createScriptCreate files or scripts from templates
enviLoadLoad data from rds format and associated yaml metadata file.
enviSaveSaves data in rds format and adds a yaml metadata file.
getEnviGet directory structure as nested list
initEnvimaRSet up a project environment
loadLibrariesLoad libraries and try to install missing ones
lutInfoGet values of default environment from internal look-up table
lutUpdateUpdate values of default environment to internal look-up...
makeGlobalVariableGenerates a variable with a certain value in the R...
pckgDefaultsDefine working environment default settings
sourceFunctionsSource functions from standard or given directory
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