Man pages for environmentalinformatics-marburg/GSODTools
R functions to select, download, and process GSOD data.

dlGsodStationsDownload (and extract) GSOD data
gfCompleteMonthlyCasesIdentification of plots with valid contemporary measurements
gfComputeLinearModelJulendat gap-filling based on linear modelling
gfGapLengthJulendat function to identify gap lengths in measurement...
gfImputeMissingValueJulendat wrapper function for imputation of missing values
gfJulendatImputation of medium-sized gaps by linear modeling using...
gfLinIntImputation of small data gaps by linear interpolation
gfNogapLengthJulendat function to identify lengths of continuous...
gfNonNaStationsJulendat identification of plots with valid measurements
gfOutputDataJulendat function to convert '' to 'data.frame'
gfRejectLowQualityJulendat function to assure measurement quality
gfRunJulendat wrapper function controlling imputation of missing...
gfSsaTime-series forecasting based on singular spectrum analysis...
gfValidNaThresholdJulendat function to calculate the amount of missing values
gfWriteJulendat wrapper function for gfRun.R
gsod2kiConvert GSOD data to Julendat standard format
gsodColWidthFixed column widths of GSOD ASCII data
gsodDf2SpConvert GSOD station list to spatial object
gsodPlotPlot GSOD data
gsodReformatReformat list of available GSOD stations
GSODTools-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
gzGsodStationsExtract and merge downloaded GSOD data data set to object
outlier2naRemove statistical outliers from time-series values
seasonalShiftPlot seasonal shifts in GSOD temperature data
stationFromCoordsIdentify GSOD stations in the vicinity of a given geographic...
stationFromExtentIdentify GSOD stations within user-drawn extent
toCelsiusConvert degree Fahrenheit to degree Celsius
tsOutliersIdentification of statistical outliers in time series
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