Man pages for environmentalinformatics-marburg/Reot
Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R

anomalizeCreate an anomaly RasterStack
australiaGPCPMonthly GPCP precipitation data for Australia
covWeightCreate a weighted covariance matrix
cutStackShorten a RasterStack
deg2radConvert degrees to radians.
denoiseNoise filtering through principal components.
deseasonCreate seasonal anomalies
eotEOT analysis of a predictor and (optionally) a response...
EotCycleCalculate a single EOT
geoWeightGeographic weighting
getWeightsCalculate weights from latitude
gimmsKiliNDVIMonthly GIMMS NDVI images for Mt. Kilimanjaro
lagalizeCreate lagged RasterStacks
modisKiliNDVIMonthly MODIS NDVI images for Mt. Kilimanjaro
nEot4VarNumber of EOTs needed for variance explanation
pacificSSTMonthly SSTs for the tropical Pacific Ocean
plotEotPlot the results of eot
plotLocationsPlot the locations of the base points
Reot-packageEmpirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R
vdendoolMean seasonal (DJF) 700 mb geopotential heights
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