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Magic R Functions for Things Various

atlStorms2005Atlantic Ocean storms 2005
borgIndicesCalculate shape indices listed in Borg 1998
bumpVersion-deprecatedbump package 'Version:' and 'Date:' in DESCRIPTION file
calcOffsetGridText-deprecatedCalculate offset coordinates for grid-based text annotations
charCloudcreate a word cloud from a character string
classificationStatscalculate prediction performance statistics for...
compareDistributions-deprecatedcompare two density distributions side by side
cr2Geoscolumn/row coordinates to geos projection
CreateSpacetimeFolds-deprecatedCreate Space-time Folds
createTimeSeriescreate a regular time series
ctabCalculate contingency table
envinmrPaletteEnvironmental Informatics Marburg colour palette
envinmrRasterPlotmodify spplot objects
envinmr.themeEnvironmental Informatics Marburg lattice plotting theme
evalTreeEvaluate performance of a conditional inference tree
extendByDistExtend an object's extent by distance
ffs-deprecatedForward feature selection
figureCaptionAdd a caption to a lattice or ggplot2 object
fixWidthfixed width numeric/integer to character conversion
funNcreate a function conditional to a set number of observations
geometryVariablesCalculate selected geometry variables from raster data
getCentroidsDetermine a polygon's centroid
getModecompute the mode of column within a data frame
ggExtractLegendExtract legend from ggplot
gmap_helGoogle Maps aerial image of HEL1
hclPalettecreate a color palette using hcl color space
histmatchRasterhistogram matching for RasterLayers
installEIPkgsDownload and install packages for envin-umr
ioaIndex of Association
kili12KiLi FOR1246 Habitats
kili60KiLi FOR1246 PlotIDs
kiliAerialRetrieve a Bing (or Google) Maps Aerial Image
kstatSimilarity of categorical maps
latticeCombineGrid-deprecatedcombine multiple lattice plots in a facetted grid (panels)
latticeCombineLayer-deprecatedcombine multiple lattice plots layerwise
lonDistCalculate distance between two longitudes
manualBuildBuild package manually
modeFactorCalculate modal value from factor vector
modeIntegerCalculate modal value from integer vector
number2binaryConvert an integer to fixed-length binary format
offsetGridText-deprecatedInsert offset text annotation into 'trellis' plot
panel.extentpanel function for raster extent objects
panel.filledcontourcreate smooth contour fills for lattice levelplots
panel.mappanel function for maps
pdfCloudcreate a word cloud from a bunch of pdfs
plotModelCVplot cross-validated variable importance
pos2just-deprecatedConvert integer text position specifier to string
pwGenGenerate Passwords
rainbowPalettePerceptually optimised rainbow colors
rasterizeIMERGRasterize GPM IMERG data
rasterizeRegCMRasterize RegCM outout
readCDORead climate station data from "Climate Data Online"
regressionStatscalculate prediction performance statistics
removeNAremove rows with NA values in selcted columns of a data frame
rfeSeedscreate a list of seeds for rfeControl()
rgb2spLayout-deprecatedConvert an RGB RasterBrick/Stack to use with spplot
rgb2YCbCrConvert from RGB to YCbCr color space
rgbShadowMaskShadow mask from RGB (satellite) imagery
rocCalculation of ROC and AUC
Rsenal-deprecatedDeprecated functions in 'Rsenal'
Rsenal-packageRsenal: magic functions for things various
secalculate the standard error of the mean
spFilledContourPlot rasters as filled contours
splitRasterSplit a Raster object
standardFocalWindowcreate squared matrix for use with raster::focal
statFDRCalculate FDR for a given number of test runs
stextGrob-deprecatedDraw Shadow Text
trainSeedscreate a list of seeds for trainControl()
uv2wdwsconvert u and v components to wind direction and wind speed
varsRfeCVextract cross-validated important variables
vectorHarmonicsFit harmonic trend model to time-series values
viewPaletteview color ramps in a palette preview
visDEMDisplay Contour Lines
vviVisible vegetation index
wdws2uvconvert wind direction and wind speed to u and v components
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