Man pages for environmentalinformatics-marburg/chirps
Download and Pre-Process CHIRPS and TRMM Rainfall Data Sets in R

baleCHIRPS.v2Bale Mountains CHIRPS.v2
extractCHIRPSExtract compressed CHIRPS files
getCHIRPSDownload CHIRPS data
getRainDownload Rainfall Data Set
getTRMMDownload TRMM 3B42 Data
getTRMMDateTimeTRMM 3B42 Date/Time Functions
heavyRain-packageDownload and Pre-Process CHIRPS and TRMM Rainfall Data Sets...
monthlyIndicesCreate timestamps or monthly indices from CHIRPS files
rasterizeTRMMRasterize TRMM 3B42 Data
rasterizeTRMMbinRasterize TRMM 3B42 Binary Data
rasterizeTRMMhdfRasterize TRMM 3B42 HDF Data
stratifiedMannKendallCompute stratified Mann-Kendall trend tests
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