Man pages for environmentalinformatics-marburg/mapview
Interactive Viewing of Spatial Data in R

addFeaturesType agnositc version of 'leaflet::add*' functions.
addHomeButtonAdd a home button / zoom-to-layer button to a map.
addImageQueryAdd image query functionality to leaflet/mapview map.
addLogoadd a local or remote image (png, jpg, gif, bmp, ...) to a...
addMouseCoordinatesAdd mouse coordinate information at top of map.
addStarsImageAdd stars layer to a leaflet map
addStaticLabelsAdd static labels to 'leaflet' or 'mapview' objects
breweriesSelected breweries in Franconia
coords2JSONConvert a vector/matrix of coordinates to JSON format
coords2LinesConvert points to SpatialLines*
coords2PolygonsConvert points to SpatialPolygons*
cubeViewView a RasterStack or RasterBrick as 3-dimensional data cube.
cubeViewOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
franconiaAdministrative district borders of Franconia
garnishMapGarnish/decorate leaflet or mapview maps.
knit_print.mapviewPrint functions for mapview objects used in knitr
latticeViewView two or more (possibly synchronised) mapview or leaflet...
mapshotSave mapview or leaflet map as HTML and/or image
mapViewView spatial objects interactively
mapview-classClass mapview
mapviewColorsmapview version of leaflet::color* functions
mapview-deprecatedDeprecated functions in mapview
mapviewOptionsGlobal options for the mapview package
mapviewOutputCreate a mapview UI element for use with shiny
mapview-packageInteractive viewing of spatial objects in R
nptscount the number of points/vertices/nodes of sf objects
plainViewView raster objects interactively without background map but...
plusmapview + mapview adds data from the second map to the first
poppendorfLandsat 8 detail of Franconian Switzerland centered on...
popupCreate HTML strings for popups
print-mapview-methodMethod for printing mapview objects
renderCubeViewWidget render function for use in Shiny
renderMapviewRender a mapview widget in shiny
renderslideViewWidget render function for use in Shiny
show-mapview-methodMethod for printing mapview objects (show)
slideViewOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
trailsSelected hiking trails in Franconia
viewExtentView extent/bbox of spatial objects interactively
viewRGBRed-Green-Blue map view of a multi-layered Raster object
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