Man pages for environmentalinformatics-marburg/satelliteTools
What the package does (short line)

add2PathAdd a variable to the system path
calcHistMatchIllumination correction across scenes using histogram...
declinationCompute declination angle
extractFromRasterSnipsExtract data from 'Raster*' snips based on selector from...
fromSolarZenithCompute hour angle and time from the solar zenith angle
getOutputDirSet outpath directory if not supplied for OTB functions
glcmTexturesCreate texture variables based on glcm
initOTBinitOTB setup the orfeo toolbox bindings for a rsession
makGlobalVarAssign variable in .GlobalEnv
mergeTiledRastersMerge tiled 'Raster*' objects back together
mSpecIndicesCompute spectral remote sensing pixel-based indices
otbcli_ExactLargeScaleMeanShiftSegmentationCalculates a mean shift filtering (required for object based...
otbcli_LSMSSmallRegionsMergingCalculates a mean shift filtering (required for object based...
otbcli_LSMSVectorizationCalculates a mean shift filtering (required for object based...
otbcli_MeanShiftSmoothingCalculates a mean shift filtering (required for object based...
otbEdgeCalculates edges for a given kernel size
otbGrayMorphoCalculates Gray scale morphological operations for a given...
otbLocalStatCalculates local statistics for a given kernel size
otbTexturesHaralickOTB wrapper for Haralick's simple, advanced and higher order...
panSharpPan sharpen low resolution satellite channels by using the...
pcaCalculate PCA
projectSatelliteReproject a 'Satellite' object
psEhlersPan sharpen low resolution satellite channels by using the...
rgbIndicesRGB indices
sampleRasterFromPolygonsSample raster values from polygons
satelliteTools-packageSmorgasboard for remote sensing functions.
searchOSgeo4WOTBSearch for valid OTB installations on a given windows drive
setOTBEnvSet environment parameters of OTB
snipRasterTile 'Raster*' object based on 'Spatial*' object
solarHourAngleCompute solar hour angle
solarIncidenceAngleCompute solar incidence angle
stPCACompute principal component analysis
surfacePressureCompute near-surface pressure
tileRasterTile 'Raster*' object with or without overlap
timeMatchMatch time stamps of two vectors
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