A Package to Translate Text to Canes Ombudsman-speak

Canes Ombudsman (@CanesOmbudsman on Twitter), if you aren't familiar, is a Twitter celebrity. This package is an attempt to allow us average-Joes the opportunity to communicate with him on his level.

Try out my interactive web-application for the Canes Ombudsman translator here.


You can install ombudsman from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")
devtools::install_github("eoppe1022/ombudsman", force = TRUE)

To load the package:


The Bare Bones

The ombudsman package is built on 1 function: - translate_to_ombudsman()

which translates a user-supplied string of text (any text within quotes) to Canes Ombudsman-speak.



translate_to_ombudsman("Hi everyone, it's me: the Canes Ombudsman")
#> [1] "hi every1, it's me: the cane's ombandusm,"

translate_to_ombudsman("Would you consider trading William Nylander for Sebastian Aho 1 for 1?")
#> [1] "would u consider tradeing willy nelander 4 sebastian asshole 1 4 1?,"

translate_to_ombudsman("it's really sad how John Forslund refuses to forgive this account.")
#> [1] "it's rly sad how john 4slund refuse's 2 4give thi's acct,"

Final Notes

I'm working on a shiny interactive web-app for the Ombudsman Translator, and I'll hopefully complete that soon.

Please be kind. Report any issues here, and I'll do the best that I can to solve them. I'd welcome any Pull Requests too, if you have any changes in mind.

You can follow and message me on Twitter. Feel free to e-mail me at eoppe1022 (at) with any questions.


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