API for epiviz/metavizr
R Interface to the metaviz web app for interactive metagenomics data analysis and visualization

Global functions
EpivizMetagenomicsData Man page
EpivizMetagenomicsData-class Man page
EpivizMetagenomicsDataInnerNodes Man page
EpivizMetagenomicsDataInnerNodes-class Man page
EpivizMetagenomicsDataTimeSeries Man page
EpivizMetagenomicsDataTimeSeries-class Man page
MetavizApp Man page
MetavizApp-class Man page
MetavizGraph Man page
MetavizGraph-class Man page
MetavizGraphInnerNodes Man page
MetavizGraphInnerNodes-class Man page
buildMetavizGraph Man page
buildMetavizGraph,MRexperiment-method Man page
buildMetavizGraphInnerNodes Man page
buildMetavizGraphInnerNodes,MRexperiment-method Man page
generatePseudoGUID Source code
generateSelection Man page Source code
metavizControl Man page Source code
register,MRexperiment-method Man page
register,phyloseq-method Man page
register_all_metaviz_things Source code
replaceNAFeatures Man page Source code
setMetavizStandalone Man page Source code
startMetaviz Man page Source code
startMetavizStandalone Man page Source code
validateObject Man page Source code
viewer_option_browse_fun Source code
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