Man pages for eribul/classifyr
Deterministic Categorization of Items Based on External Code Data

aeClasscodes for adverse events after knee and hip arthroplasty...
all_classcodesSummary data for all default classcodes object in the package output from classify to data frame or data.table
categorizeCategorize cases based on external data and classification...
charlson_icd10Classcodes for Charlson based on ICD-10 codes
classcodesClasscodes methods
classifyClassify elements
codedataCode data
coder-packagecoder: Deterministic Categorization of Items Based on...
codifycodify elements
copybigDecide if large objects should be copied
cps_icd10Classcodes for the comorbidity-polypharmacy score (CPS) based...
dates_withinCheck if dates are within limits
elixClasscodes for Elixhauser based on ICD-10 codes
ex.carbrands_excarsExample classcodes object for classification of car brands by...
ex.carsExample data for can registry
ex_icd10Example data for random codes assigned to random people
ex_peopleExample data for random people
filter_datesFilter dates outside specified limits
get_classcodesGet classcodes object
index_funCalculate index based on classification scheme
print.summary.classcodesPrint summary for classcodes object
rxriskvClasscodes for RxRiskV (original and modified)
spss2dateConvert SPSS date to valid date
summary.classcodesSummarizing a classcodes object
visualizeVisualise classification scheme in web browser
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