Man pages for eric88tchong/Rinstapkg
An Implementation of the 'Instagram' API Using Tidy Principles

as_epochConvert a value to Epoch Time
catch_errorsFunction to catch and print HTTP errors
check_user_idValidate a User Id
csrf_token_availableCheck csrf_token availability
feedInstagram Feeds
generate_signed_bodyGenerate a Signed Body
generate_uuidGenerate a Unique Id
get_osDetermine the host operating system
ig_access_tokenReturn access_token attribute of OAuth 2.0 Token
ig_authLog in to Instagram
ig_auth_checkCheck that an Authorized Instagram Session Exists
ig_auth_refreshRefresh an existing Authorized Instagram Token
ig_autocomplete_userlistGet bootstrap user data (autocompletion user list)
ig_commentComment or Delete a Comment on a Post
ig_comment_delete_bulkDelete Comments on a Post in Bulk
ig_csrf_tokenReturn csrf_token resulting from Basic auth routine
ig_delete_mediaDelete a Post
ig_edit_media_captionEdit a Post's Caption
ig_following_recent_activityGet news feed of recent activities for accounts you follow
ig_generic_GETA Generic GET Function
ig_generic_POSTA Generic POST Function
ig_get_followersGet Follower Info
ig_get_hashtag_feedGet Feed of a Hashtag
ig_get_liked_feedGet Feed of Liked or Saved Posts
ig_get_location_feedGet Feed of a Location
ig_get_media_commentsGet Media Comments and Likers
ig_get_media_infoGet Media Info
ig_get_popular_feedGet Feed of Popular Posts
ig_get_user_feedGet Feed of a User's Posts
ig_get_user_idGet a User Id
ig_get_user_profileGet a User's Profile
ig_get_user_tagsGet Feed of Posts for a Tagged User
ig_input_data_validationValidate the input for an operation
ig_likeLike or Unlike a Post
ig_my_inboxGet direct inbox messages for your account
ig_my_recent_activityGet news feed of recent activities by you
ig_my_timelineGet the authenticated user's timeline feed
ig_rank_tokenReturn rank_token resulting from Basic auth routine
ig_saveSave or Unsave a Post
ig_search_tagsSearch by Hashtag
ig_search_usersSearch by Username
ig_sync_featuresSynchronise experiments
is_legit_tokenCheck that token appears to be legitimate
items_to_tidy_dfConvert JSON List of Items to as Data Frame
media_type_enumLookup Media Type Enum
rank_token_availableCheck rank_token availability
rDELETEDELETEs with retries and authentication
rGETGETs with retries and authentication
Rinstapkg'Rinstapkg' package
Rinstapkg_stateReturn the package's .state environment variable
rPATCHPATCHs with retries and authentication
rPOSTPOSTs with retries and authentication
rPUTPUTs with retries and authentication
token_availableCheck token availability
VERB_nGeneric implementation of HTTP methods with retries and...
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