Man pages for ericgoolsby/Rphylopars
Phylogenetic Comparative Tools for Missing Data and Within-Species Variation

anc.reconUltra-fast maximum likelihood ancestral state reconstruction
anova.phylopars.lmPhylopars regression ANOVA
fast.SSCFast Phylogenetic Signal Using Sum of Squared Changes (SSC)
logLik.phyloparsExtract Log_likelihood
logLik.phylopars.lmExtract Log_likelihood
phyloparsEstimation of phylogenetic and phenotypic covariance...
phylopars.lmRphylopars regression
print.phyloparsPrint phylopars
print.phylopars.lmPrint phylopars.lm
print.SSCPrint SSC
Rphylopars-packagePhylogenetic Comparative Tools for Missing Data and...
simtraitsSimulate traits for phylopars estimation
summary.phyloparsPhylopars summary
summary.phylopars.lmphylopars.lm summary
write.phyloparsWrite data and tree files for Python phylopars compatability.
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