Man pages for erichare/shoeprintr
Performs an automated statistical matching of two shoeprints

boosted_cliqueFunction to perform boosted clique on two input circles
centercircle_matchMatches a center circle input and a reference shoeprint
gg_circleAdding the circlular area
initial_circleFind the initial circle position by quantile of x and y...
input_exampleAn example of an input shoeprint
int_inside_centerDetecting points within the circle
leftcorner_centAdjust it to (0,0) in the left lower corner
match_printMatches an input and a reference shoeprint
match_print_subareaMatch input and reference with given circle information in...
reference_exampleAn example of a reference shoeprint
smart_sampleImplementation of a smart sampling algorithm
start_plotStarting plot to position three local areas of shoe Q
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