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Implement Material Design in Shiny Applications

close_material_modalClose a material modal programmatically.
material_buttonCreate a shinymaterial button
material_cardCreate a card that will contain UI content
material_checkboxCreate a shinymaterial checkbox
material_collapsibleCreate a collapsible that will contain collapsible items
material_collapsible_itemCreate a collapsible item that will contain UI content
material_columnCreate a column to organize UI content
material_date_pickerCreate a shinymaterial date picker
material_depthAdd depth to a UI element
material_dropdownCreate a shinymaterial dropdown
material_file_inputCreate a shinymaterial file input
material_floating_buttonCreate a shinymaterial floating button
material_inputCreate a shinymaterial input
material_modalPlace UI content in a modal
material_number_boxCreate a shinymaterial number box
material_pageCreate a shinymaterial page
material_parallaxCreate a parallax image
material_password_boxCreate a shinymaterial password box
material_radio_buttonCreate a shinymaterial radio button
material_rowCreate a row to organize UI content
material_side_navCreate a side-nav that contains UI content
material_side_nav_tab_contentPlace UI content within a side-nav tab
material_side_nav_tabsPlace UI content within a side-nav tab
material_sliderCreate a shinymaterial slider
material_spinner_showCreate a material preloader (spinner)
material_switchCreate a shinymaterial switch
material_tab_contentPlace UI content within a tab
material_tabsPlace UI content within a tab
material_text_boxCreate a shinymaterial text box
open_material_modalOpen a material modal programmatically.
select_material_tabSelect a material tab programmatically.
side_nav_tabs_infoQuery information about the side-nav tabs.
update_material_buttonChange the text, icon of a material_button on the client....
update_material_checkboxChange the value of a material_checkbox on the client
update_material_date_pickerChange the value of a material_date_picker on the client
update_material_dropdownChange the value of a material_dropdown on the client
update_material_number_boxChange the value of a material_number_box on the client
update_material_password_boxChange the value of a material_password_box on the client
update_material_radio_buttonChange the value of a material_radio_button on the client
update_material_sliderChange the value of a material_slider on the client
update_material_switchChange the value of a material_switch on the client
update_material_text_boxChange the value of a material_text_box on the client
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