Man pages for erossiter/catSurv
Computerized Adaptive Testing for Survey Research

CatComputerized Adaptive Testing Survey (catSurv) Object
checkStopRulesCheck if Stop and/or Override Rules are Met
d1LLThe First Derivative of the Log-Likelihood
d2LLThe Second Derivative of the Log-Likelihood
estimateSEStandard Error of Ability Parameter Estimate
estimateThetaEstimate of the Respondent's Ability Parameter
estimateThetasEstimates of Ability Parameters for a Dataset of Response...
expectedKLExpected Kullback-Leibler Information
expectedObsInfExpected Observed Information
expectedPVExpected Posterior Variance
fisherInfFisher's Information
fisherTestInfoFisher's Test Information
gettersMethods for Accessing 'Cat' Object Slots
gpcm_catgpcm Cat Object
gpcmCatComputerized Adaptive Testing Generalized Partial Credit...
grm_catgrm Cat Object
grmCatComputerized Adaptive Testing Graded Response Model
likelihoodLikelihood of the Specified Response Set
likelihoodKLExpected Kullback-Leibler Information, Weighted by Likelihood
lookAheadLook Ahead to Select Next Item
ltm_catltm Cat Object
ltmCatComputerized Adaptive Testing Latent Trait Model
makeTreeMake Tree of Possible Question Combinations
nfcNeed For Cognition
npiNarcissistic Personality Inventory
obsInfObserved Information
polknowMTMTurk Political Knowledge
polknowTAPSTAPS Political Knowledge
posteriorKLExpected Kullback-Leibler Information, Weighted by the Prior
priorEvaluate the Prior Density Distribution at Position 'x'
probabilityProbability of Responses to a Question Item or the...
selectItemSelect Next Item
settersMethods for Setting Value(s) to 'Cat' Object Slots
simulateThetasSimulates Estimates of Ability Parameters for a Dataset of...
storeAnswerUpdate Answer to Single Item
tpm_cattpm Cat Object
tpmCatComputerized Adaptive Testing Birnbaum's Three Parameter...
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