Man pages for estebanangelm/RealEstateR

check_df_inputCheck dataframe input
check_response_typeException handler: response type
check_statusException handler: response status
format_addressFormat Address
format_citystateFormat City and State
get_comp_dfGet comparison data frame
get_deep_compsGetDeepComps Response
get_latGet latitude of property
get_linksGet links from the API response
get_locGet location data from the API response
get_longGet longitude of property
get_nearGet local real estate data from the API response
get_neighbour_zestimatesGet Neighbour Zestimates
get_search_resultsGetSearchResults Response
get_zestimateGet Zestimate
get_zestimate_allGet Zestimate related data from the API response
get_zpidGet Zillow Property ID
plot_neighbour_zestimatesPlot neighbour zestimates
price_plotPrice ranges plot
price_rangesPrice and rent ranges.
RealEstateR'RealEstateR' package
reviewsGet Review Details of Agents of your Choice
reviews_get_screennamesGet Agent IDs Based On Location
set_zwsidSet access token (Zillow Web Service ID)
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