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The goal of c19euxplorer is to explore the COVID-19 related variables in several countries in Europe interactively via a Shiny-based web app.

The variables covered in this app are:

The app's sources of data are the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control and the Google Community Mobility Report. The cumulative figures and GCMR are downloaded with the tidycovid19 R package.


You can install the c19euxplorer with:




The main usage of this package is to launch an app to explore data of COVID-19 related variables. You can launch and use the app by run this code in R studio.


By running this function, you will have the app launched as follows:

You can explore each of the variables I mentioned previously by clicking each tab in the navigation bar. Inside each tab, there will be instructions on how to use the app. In general, you can compare several countries in your chosen time range.

Beside launch_app(), this package also has other functions. You can refer to this and this. These functions are mainly intended to simplify the code in the app, hence the usage would be very specific to the app. However, there are two functions that I think could be utilized when you build a Shiny app. They are getref() and getlink().


With this function, you can make a reference list in a Shiny app in simpler way. By using HTML tag, you have to write this code for each reference you use in the app.

tags$li(class = "li-custom", "Winston Chang. (2018).",
        tags$a(href = "",
              "shinythemes: Themes for Shiny",
              class = "externallink"))

To produce this line:

With getref(), you just have to use this line:

c19euxplorer::getref("Winston Chang",
       "shinythemes: Themes for Shiny")


Similarly, you can also use getlink() to create a hyperlink text. This function also incorporated HTML tag to create the hyperlink.

        "Master of Business Analytics")

This function will produce Master of Business Analytics.

Data container

This package contains three data sets that could also be used outside the app. They are:

COVID-19 weekly testing and positivity rate


COVID-19 weekly dominant source of transmission in subnational level


Country centroids


The image source for the hex logo is from flaticon

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