Man pages for etiennebr/visualraster
Visual raster cheatsheet

as_datatransform Raster* to data frame ready for ggplot2
extent_as_polyTransform raster extent to polygon
power_to_angleTransform flow directions powers of 2 to angular data
scale_fill_continuousSmooth gradient between two colours
scale_fill_discreteQualitative colour scale
scale_fill_divergeSmooth gradient for diverging data
theme_fullframeA minimalist ggplot2 theme for ploting rasters Adapted from...
theme_geographicA minimalist ggplot2 theme for ploting geographic rasters...
visualrasterVisual Raster Cheatsheet
vr_geom_lineCustom visual raster line plot
vr_geom_pointCustom visual raster point plot
vr_geom_polygonCustom visual raster polygon plot
vr_geom_rasterCustom plot for Visual Raster
vr_geom_raster_divCustom visual raster plot for diverging data
vr_geom_raster_seqCustom visual raster plot for sequential data
vr_geom_textCustom visual raster text plot (for raster values and...
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