Man pages for etmc/hadron
package to extract hadronic quantities

addConfIndex2cfadd a configuration index to an 'cf' object
addStat.cfCombine statistics of two cf objects
alpha_scompute alpha strong at given scale
averxCompute <x> From Bare Data
bootstrap.analysisPerforms a Bootstrap with Blocking Analysis of a Timeseries
bootstrap.cfbootstrap a set of correlation functions
bootstrap.effectivemassComputes effective masses with bootstrapping errors
bootstrap.gevpperform a bootstrap analysis of a GEVP
bootstrap.nlsfitBootstrap a non-linear least-squares fit
c.cfConcatenate correlation function objects
cdhfinite size corrections a la Colangelo, Duerr, Haefeli
cdhnewfinite size corrections a la Colangelo, Duerr, Haefeli, but...
CExpCosh Or Sinh Build Out Of Two Exps
cfCorrelation function container
cf_bootBootstrapped CF mixin constructor
cf_metaCF metadata mixin constructor
cf_origOriginal data CF mixin constructor
cf_principal_correlatorPrincipal correlator CF mixin constructor
cf_shiftedShifted CF mixin constructor
cf_smearedSmeared CF mixin constructor
cf_subtractedSubtracted CF mixin constructor
cf_weightedWeighted CF mixin constructor
computeacfComputes The ACF and Integrated AC Time
computeDisccomputes a disconnected correlation function from loops
computefpsComputes the pseudoscalar decay constant for the twisted mass...
computefpsOSComputes the pseudoscalar decay constant for the Osterwalder...
concat.cfConcatenate two correlation function objects
convert2cfconvert data into a 'cf' object
effectivemass.cfComputes effective mass values for a correlation function
extract.loopExtract a single loop from an object of class 'cmiloop'
extract.obsExtract One or More Gamma Combinations from am CMI Correlator
extractSingleCor.cfextract one single correlator object as 'cf' object from a...
fit.coshFits a sum of several 'cosh'-functions
fit.effectivemassFits a constant to effective mass data
fit.plateau2cffits a plateau to an object of class 'cf'
foldr1Folds the non-empty list with the binary function
fs.qcotdeltaFinite Size Corrections to qcotdelta for I=2 pipi near...
getorderedfilelistCreates an ordered filelist from a basename and a path
gevpsolve GEVP for correlator matrix
gevp2amplitudeExtracts physical amplitudes from a GEVP
gevp2cfExtracts a principle correlator from a GEVEP
gmArray of gamma structures
gm_muAccessor function for 'gm'
gsl_fitFit a correlator matrix
hadron-internalInternal Hadron Functions
hadron-packageThe Hadron Package
invalidate.samples.cfInvalidate samples
invertCovMatrixInverts the covariance matrix for noisy data
is_empty.cfChecks whether the cf object contains no data
jackknifeafterbootjackknife-after-bootstrap analysis
jackknife.cfjackknife a set of correlation functions
jackknife_errorEstimates error from jackknife samples
LuescherZetaComputes Lueschers Zeta Function
matrixfitRoutine For A Factorising Matrix Fit
matrixModelCorrelator matrix model.
onlinemeasdetermines pion mass and pcac mass from online measured...
parametric.bootstrapParametric bootstrap
parametric.bootstrap.covParametric bootstrap with covariance
parametric.nlsfitNLS fit with parametric bootstrap
parametric.nlsfit.covNLS fit with parametric bootstrap and covariance
pcacComputes the pcac mass
pcModelPrincipal correlator two state model.
pionFit Pseudo Scalar Sector
plaq.sampleSample plaquette time series
plot.bootstrapfitPlot a bootstrap NLS fit
plot.matrixfitplot a matrixfit
plot.outputdataPlot Command For Class Ouputdata
plot.uwerrPlot Command For Class UWerr
plotwitherrorPlot Command For XY Plots With Error Bars
print.bootstrapfitPrint a bootstrap NLS fit
readbinarycfread correlation function from binary files
readbinarydiscread disconnected loops from binary files
readcmidatafilesRead Single Data Files in Chris Michael Format
readcmidiscreads disconnected loops in cmi format
readgradflowRead Gradient Flow Output Files in tmLQCD format
readoutputdataRead Data In Format of tmLQCD
readtextcfRead correlator data from single file
removeTemporal.cfRemove temporal states
samplecfSample cf data
subtract.excitedstatesSubstract excited states.
summary.bootstrapfitSummarize a bootstrap NLS fit
tex.catwitherrorpaste a number with error in tex-ready format
tikzutilsConvenience Functions for 'tikzDevice'
uwerrTime Series Analysis With Gamma Method
variationalvariational analysis of a correlator matrix
weighted.medianWeighted Median Value
zeta_zpComputes the running of Z_P from scale mu0 to scale mu2
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