Cullis_H2: Calculate Generalized Heritability from lme4 Model

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Calculate Generalized Heritability from lme4 Model


Cullis_H2(model, geno_label = "GENO")



A lme4 model object


A string denoting the label of the random genotypic effect in the supplied lme4 model object


This function calculates generalized heritability using the method of Cullis et al., 2006 ( Specifically, their formula is H2 = 1 - (vblup / (2 * var_g)). Where the generalized heritability (H2) is a function of the reliability of the BLUPs (vblup - the average standard error of differences between BLUPs squared), and the genotypic variance (var_g). This method can be used in unbalanced applications where the traditional entry-mean heritability calculation will give biased estimates. The method of doing this using lme4 is detailed by Ben Bolker at This method yields values that are slightly different (I have observed up to 0.75%) from ASReml-R's results. Another solution I came across at seems to produce results that are more divergent from ASReml-R's.


A list containing the following elements:

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